This is crazy ! I would’ve never thought such a non invasive treatment would do this much improvement !

hey. I want you to do my face lifting procedure. Where are you located?

Wow! thanks for the talk through and showing us what you experienced. Super informative!! Glad you’re happy with the results!

You don’t need anything done to your lower lids, they look great. I would like to have this but don’t think I could stand the pain.

I’m of Irish decent and despite living in Canada, I have a lot of sun damage and I’ve had some small skin cancers. I’m 67 and I want to age gracefully.

Thank you for all your vids. I’ve been considering either micro needling or CO2 laser treatment. I’m fair skinned. The downtime and overall cost is the only real issue. I was wondering though this procedure you did here. How long does it last? I’ve always been wrinkled under the eyes, because of allergies.

what is the difference between this to thermage?

I like the fact that you are doing this yourself as a doctor, so you know exactly what to expect and able to tell your patients