Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Silk Peel Follow Up

Check out the results from the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment I had a few weeks ago. Don’t forget to Like, comment & SUBSCRIBE. Cheers! Melissa

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20 thoughts on “Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Silk Peel Follow Up

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I am thinking about getting something done. How do you feel about Botox and fillers, retina? Hot and flashy ( a you tuber) has had all that and looks a lot better. Your thoughts would be appreciated. I am 55, African American with jowls but no wrinkles. Thanks. 

  2. I can see improvement. I like how you are cautious yet willing to take steps to look your best. Go with your gut! Trust what is right for you. We are not 29 anymore but can still be glamorous! 

  3. This was very interesting…I will be needing laser treatment for a scar on my jawline (I had a basal cell cancer removed in November). It was good to find out a little bit about it before I head back to my dermatological surgeon in April.

  4. The place below the eye really is much lighter. I think you will really like the Retin A. I have used Tretinoin, off and on, for a number of years and it does make a difference on spots on my face. Do not give up, I can tell a difference on your face already. I was a big sun lover so it has been a journey to get to where I am now, and  in my opinion, it is not going to be quick.

  5. It made a big difference on the spot under your eye. While I was watching this, at the end where you were talking about what treatments you may and may not do going forward, I was thinking that a dermatologist would have to seriously ease me into these procedures and treatments. I'm such a chicken. Plus, it's a big decision – with the cost and what you endure versus results. Thanks for sharing your experience. The multiple before/during/after photos, with and without make up, very clearly show what to expect. 

  6. I love watching your videos 🙂 I also have thought about Botox, but I'm kind of iffy about that kind of stuff. I don't know if you've ever used and facial oils, but I started using the Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Oil (microalgae oil). This stuff has made such a difference in my skin. My fine lines look so much better and my skin is so beautiful and radiant. It is pricey, but one bottle lasts a while, especially since you only use a few drops every use. I mix a few drops with Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (my all time favorite lotion). I asked for a sample one day at Sephora, and I was back the next day to buy a bottle.

  7. I think you look great! I think the peel may not have taken all the broken capillaries away but it really made your face look fresher and younger .. I'm thinking about doing this too so j appreciate your honesty and a great review ! Whatever you do or don't do you will always be beautiful !! Kat xx

  8. great results i may have to look into getting the light treatment one day my red checks always bother me. 

  9. The results look great!! I agree best to not jump into anything till you give it more thought and you are certain about moving onto the next procedure. This turned out to be a very good and informative video for anyone thinking about trying this. All of your before during and after photos really walk us through it. Thank you, good luck and you look great!!!

  10. I have dark spots on my cheek as well.  I had about 4 or 5 treatments and I was very disappointed.  I didn't feel like my spots got any lighter.  So my suggestion…don't do it. LOL Unless you really want to spend the money.  

  11. I think the Silk Peel was really worthwhile! It def made a difference. I've used Botox. It's ok, but you don't get much bang for your buck. Fillers around the nasolabial folds are better IMO. I started out using Paula's Choice retinol products, and have switched to Retin-A…and what a diff in my pore size!!! That's my holy grail.

  12. So glad to have found you. My doc suggested IPL but I'm not convinced. I've had lasers on my nose area in the past and it improves the capillaries for a while. The treated ones get a bit better but more show up eventually. So I'm not doing that any more. I think your skin looks terrific! 

  13. Wow, your face looks refreshed and extra glowy!!! Not that u even looked old before,    just a younger version of your beautiful self! Thanks for sharing this with us ♥♥♥

  14. thank you for your awesome video! you were cleared, informational and honest! I'm thinking about getting IPL done for my brown spots and redness on my face. By the way, You don't need botox, don't ruin your face! you are cute and lovely as you are!

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