You guys!!! I am so excited to bring you along with me as I get this IPL laser treatment at AE Skin. I’ve been in the process of getting these treatments for a couple months and have been so insanely happy with my results. I’ve never done anything like this for my skin so I had to bring you along with me to – not only show you how it’s done, but show you the before and after (it’s CRAZY!).

Hope you enjoy the vlog, and for more info on AE Skin visit www.AESKIN.COM.

7 thoughts on “IPL LASER TREATMENT Reivew / VLOG

  1. Thanks for the informative video Shae! I always wondered how and what IPL does to skin. I read alot of mixed reviews and fell for the negative ones that claim if the treatment not done right, it can burn the skin which will cause scarring.. But you went to the right practice! It's hard to find one in Denver!

  2. ive just got my 1st Ipls yesterday andd its been more than 24 hours going on day 2 but im concerned that i have not gotten any dark cofee grind sports on my face at all nothing!! is this suppose to happen in the first treatment?? or did my doctors machiene didnt work or put very low settings on me??or do the dark cofee grind spots come on your face even in your first time using IPL??? plz help

  3. Its really some type of clickbait because you chose a picture as "before" but in reality that's just after the laser treatment and not before the whole treatment which means it's not realistic and unfair. Just so u know. :)

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