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Its important to be transparent about things i’ve done or have had done. IPL deals with hair removal (not interested) and thread vein removal (interested!). This is my results…

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  1. I just went and got this done and it did not hurt at all. The lady who performed it first placed an ice pack on each section of my face at a time for a few seconds then applied this ice cold gel then preformed the ipl. I would say the gel, because it was so cold, hurt more than the ipl. The setting was 41 if you know what yours was.

  2. Wayne! I am so proud of you. I saw your video from yesterday and somehow I got here. You look stunning these days! Congrats!

  3. I'm currently considering I P L and I just wondered if now, two years later, has your thoughts changed?Would you do it again? do you think your skin is still improved? Did them pesky veins come back? Worse? Better?Thanking you in advance.SamanthaXxx

  4. Hi Wayne, I was wondering I can't achieved the definite benefits of my IPL. I have beard and was done already my 4th session and still it come backs quickly. Can you help me what will I do. I really felt disappointed ?

  5. Thanks for the video! Would be interested in the same, possibly. Have the effects been lasting after you finished the 5 treatments, and if not, how long did it last? Thanks in advance!

  6. will this laser treatment will make our complexion temporary or permanently dark ??

  7. im only 17 and i have broken capillaries on my nose and cheeks hate them I think my acne has caused them ??

  8. Are the capillary treatments permanent, or is it really an every 3-4 week treatment in perpetuity, like botox is every few months?

  9. Looks great! I just got it done today to remove my freckles. I hope it works.. I don't feel much today.

  10. I have super super red cheeks and my dad has brought me to 4 treatments and it didn't help whatsoever so I don't know what to do at this point

  11. I just watched your video on IPL. I just had it done a week ago for sun spots and broken capillaries. I am still healing. At first I was surprised when you said it REALLY hurts because I didn't think it was that painful. I thought it was tolerable. And then I realized your a man and men in general are big babies when it comes to pain lol. I also read it tightens the skin so hoping for that. The sun spots get very dark at first then eventually fluff off leaving clearer skin and smaller pores which I saw within 2 days. Most of the broken capillaries are gone. My dr said I have to wait 4 was before another treatment if I chose to do another one. Will have to wait for results before deciding.

  12. We get nose veins from picking.. avoid using a big finger use your little finger with a tissue on it

  13. Hey, you look gorgeous! I don't find it hurts until the day afterward. I would put up with anything to get rid if this. ❤

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